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China Mobile Is Reporting 15M 5G Contracts, 8.7M Joined in February

5G is growing by millions per month in China, although the exact status is unclear. The telcos are reporting “contracts,” which continue to be far higher than the separately reported 5G phone sales. Some people are apparently signing up to 5G contracts even before they get the phones. The 5G price is the same as 4G, and 5G has promotions.

That said, China Mobile reported 8.7M new 5G contracts in Feb and a 15M total. 8.7M new 5G contracts in Feb and a 15M total. Add China Tel and Unicom, China 5G is probably over 30M. China is now on track for above 150M 5G in 2020, with the likely world total of close to 200M.

Xi Jinping has declared 5G a crucial part of the “New Infrastructure” that will be massively funded after the epidemic. China Mobile is doing 300K sites in 2020, China Tel and Unicom 250K—nearly a total of 600K sites in 2020.

What’s wrong everywhere else?

By Dave Burstein, Editor, DSL Prime

Dave Burstein has edited DSL Prime and written about broadband and Internet TV for a decade.

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