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BreakTheCode.Tech is Back!

Radix’s .Tech Domains announces the return of its codebreaking game in partnership with GitHub, Major League Hacking (MLH), Digital Ocean, Namecheap, and more.

.Tech Domains announces the return of its widely popular codebreaking game for coders, programmers, and tech enthusiasts, BreakTheCode.Tech; a limited-time game comprising ciphers and puzzles. BreakTheCode.Tech is supported by renowned tech companies like GitHub, Major League Hacking (MLH), Digital Ocean, Hackernoon, Dev.To, and Namecheap.

What is Break the Code 2? It’s a limited time (primarily-PC) game comprising of ciphers, puzzles, etc. The game has been created by .Tech Domains, a domain extension for the techies and the tech industry.

The game is live on .breakthecode.tech at 00:00 EST on Friday, March 25, 2022 through April 15, 2022, and participants can play to win over $30,000 in prizes that range from a custom gaming rig with a motorized throne (the “Codebreakers lair”), Playstation 5, custom-skinned MacBook Pro, a 90s themed boombox, Tamagotchis, The Matrix Script - signed by Keanu Reeves, and more.

The first edition of the game made its debut in 2020 and was a viral sensation in the programmer community—attracting over 100,000 participants in a span of just three weeks. After earning a Webby-nomination and receiving hundreds of messages from participants requesting the next edition, the .Tech Domains team began developing a mind-bending sequel to BreakTheCode late last year. Past winner, Nick Hansen, the CEO of Luxor Technologies commented, “The BreakTheCode puzzles were addicting! Getting through the ciphers was challenging, and the prizes were the cherry on top. The amount of effort they put into the games was impressive!”

This year’s game is set in the nostalgic 90s, and the build is inspired by Windows 98. Players are dropped in the middle of a high-stakes situation where an (allegedly) anarchist group has hacked into a communication satellite; their intentions are unclear. The player needs to move forward in the game while considering the consequences their actions will have on the world order.

Talking about partnering with BreakTheCode2, Matthew Dyson, Senior Program Manager, GitHub said, “We are excited to partner with .Tech Domains for BreakTheCode2 because it is the kind of game that will instantly connect with our CS developer community. Its intense ciphers and puzzles are exactly the kinds of problems that programmers and coders crave. By playing BreakTheCode2, they will be doing what they love doing the most - ‘breaking the code’ to some of the most challenging enigmas on the Internet today.”

Speaking about their partnership with the game, Arif Kadir, VP of Revenue Marketing at DigitalOcean, said, “We’re thrilled to partner with .TechDomains for BreakTheCode2. At DigitalOcean, we believe ‘our community is bigger than just us,’ and BreakTheCode2 is a perfect example of that belief in action. We know developers, and they love to solve problems that challenge them and stretch their capabilities, and this event promises to do just that. Taking codebreaking and cipher-solving to a whole new level for the global community of programmers and developers is immensely exciting, but combining it with an immersion into the golden era of PC gaming—the 90s—is something we know our community will love.”

Speaking about building the game, Suman Das, Senior Brand Director, .Tech Domains, said, “We created the first edition of BreakTheCode keeping in mind what the tech community craves the most: solving challenging problems! The overwhelming response we received from over 100K players affirmed that BreakTheCode hit all the right chords with them. Since then, we had been receiving requests for the return of the game, and we wanted to build something even bigger, better, crazier for our community this time. To live up to their expectations and the excitement, we’ve worked for months and have doubled down on everything that got the tech community obsessed with the game in just a span of three weeks. But that’s not all. This time around, there are a lot more features, a great theme, and lots of surprises to ensure everyone has the time of their life while playing it!”

The game is divided into 4 Chapters that are released periodically over a three-week period beginning March 25, 2022. Each Chapter has various missions consisting of ciphers and puzzles. Additionally, players are able to discover and engage in several side-quest games, “easter eggs,” and other hidden elements.

For more information, you must solve the Windows Error image cipher.

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