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Wi-Fi Alliance Has Officially Confirmed Wi-Fi 7 Standard; Certification Now Underway for New Devices

The Wi-Fi Alliance has officially certified devices supporting Wi-Fi 7, the highly anticipated next generation of wireless home internet. Starting in 2024, phones, laptops, and routers equipped with this standard are expected to deliver significant speed and efficiency gains compared to Wi-Fi 6E.

Wi-Fi 7 is heralded as the “first generation built from the ground up” for the 6GHz band, offering improved performance for high-bandwidth streaming and low-latency wireless gaming. The announcement by Kevin Robinson, CEO of the Wi-Fi Alliance, highlights its relevance in the era of increasing virtual reality use and remote work.

While Wi-Fi 7 routers from companies like Netgear, TP-Link, and Eero are already available, official certification ensures interoperability and guarantees optimal performance with Wi-Fi 7 devices in the future.

The key advancements: Wi-Fi 7 introduces Double Channel Bandwidth, reaching up to 320MHz, potentially enabling wireless downloads at over two gigabits per second. Multi-Link Operation (MLO), a form of wireless link aggregation, promises increased speed and stability by utilizing multiple bands simultaneously.

MLO not only enhances speed but also reduces latency by allowing connections across different bands simultaneously, presenting a significant advantage in terms of packet delivery. However, not all routers may support connecting to all three bands simultaneously.

While older devices won’t directly benefit from Wi-Fi 7 features, the backward compatibility ensures a seamless transition.

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