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ICANN’s Registration Data Request Service: Open Working Session at ICANN79

Last November, ICANN launched a ticketing system for those interested in obtaining domain name registration data (“WHOIS”). Titled Registration Data Request Service, or RDRS, the portal aims to direct requests for WHOIS data to participating registrars, who then decide whether or not to disclose the data.

ICANN has positioned the service as a two-year test to gauge the marketplace demand level for WHOIS. However, early in the life of the system, requestors are discovering a number of challenges.

Accordingly, in the spirit of working with the community to try to improve the system and thus the results of the test, ICANN’s Commercial Stakeholder Group (CSG) will host an open working session to discuss requestor experiences and potential system improvements. To be clear, the CSG is interested in a practical discussion that will yield concrete suggestions for ICANN, registries and registrars in light of the needs of data requestors.

The CSG thus seeks the input of ICANN79 participants—specifically, their stories about RDRS successes, difficulties response rates, roadblocks and ideas for improvement. The session is open to the entire ICANN community as well as ICANN leadership and staff.

In the meantime, data requestors are strongly encouraged to continue to complete the user survey provided by registrars at the bottom of each decision notice. This will ensure an open flow of feedback that is important to registrars.

The CSG solicits volunteers via any participant, constituency, stakeholder group, support organization or advisory committee to share their requestor stories. If you plan to participate in ICANN79 (either in person or remotely), you are cordially invited to contribute with your experiences and your constructive suggestions.

Should you be interested in a dedicated, three-minute intervention, please forward an email to [email protected] with a copy to [email protected]. A single slide to accompany your intervention is welcome; slides will be accepted and queued until Sunday, 3 March at 17:00 Puerto Rico time (UTC-4). Interventions will be welcomed from the floor following the initial queue.

The CSG and Edgemoor Research will compile a post-session report with specific follow-up suggestions for publication.



  1. Welcome/Introduction (3 minutes)
  2. Keynote Speaker—Steve Crocker, Edgemoor Research Institute (3 minutes)
  3. Open Discussion on RDRS Requestor Experience (40 minutes)
  4. Possible avenues for follow up (10 minutes)
  5. AOB (4 minutes)
  6. Adjourn

The CSG looks forward to hearing from you in San Juan.

By Mason Cole, Internet Governance Advisor at Perkins Coie

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