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NTIA Committed to ICANN Reform

National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) has made a long term commitment to taking the actions necessary to reform ICANN. Specifically, the Department of Commerce’s Strategic Plan for FY 2004-2009 discusses the need for NTIA to take action to reform ICANN.

The Strategic Plan details three Strategic Goals for the Department to achieve over the next five years. The second goal is to “Foster science and technological leadership by protecting intellectual property, enhancing technical standards, and advancing measurement science.”

In discussing this Strategic Goal, the Plan states that, “A number of internet-related policy issues require NTIA action, including…ICANN reform and continuing Internet privatization, domain name management both domestically and internationally, proposals to regulate internet services and content…” The Plan goes on to state that “All of these activities will require substantial coordination among NTIA’s program offices, as well interagency coordination to develop the Administration’s positions.”

The Strategic Plan explains that there are two Performance Measures for evaluating achievement of the sub-goal that includes internet policy:

1. Provide the policy framework for introduction of new technologies; and
2. Policy customer survey.

ICANNfocus.org will report on relevant developments with regard to both of these Performance Measures. Such reporting is warranted since the Plan makes it clear that the Department and NTIA are committed to a hands-on approach to achieving ICANN reform and related internet policy goals.

For more information, including a link to the Strategic Plan, please go to ICANNfocus.org.

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