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.Nxt - You Are All Cordially Invited

Dear CircleID Readers,

There are only a few occasions in any of our lifetimes where what we know and have grown used to is turned on its head.

We have now lost the generation that heard radio for the first time; there are only a few who can recall the first television pictures; but many, many more saw color appear on their screens for the first time.

The world now has a new generation of children who have never not known the startling miracle that is the Internet. But what they—and we—will recall for the rest of our lives is when the Internet started transmitting in color.

That will happen starting in 2013 and a three-day conference at the end of this month in San Francisco will tell you how, when, why and by who. This being the Internet era, it is also an open revolution. You are invited.

Everything has a name. And as the father of a five-month-old, I can tell you I can’t wait until she starts using words to identify objects and explain what it is she wants. Words are the things we as humans use to make sense of the world; it is the reason that the domain name system was created. Even electrical engineers couldn’t communicate for very long using strings of numbers.

Words on the Internet are about to explode, and to cater for what we—the users—want. Suddenly the black-and-white world of dot-coms and dot-nets becomes a rainbow of colors reflecting the world as we actually see it. The technology has matured; the restrictions are no longer needed.

There will be plenty of discussion of this new world at .Nxt. We will also cover the realities—technical, financial, legal—that broadcasting in color entails. And we will look at the bigger picture of the Internet itself and how these and future rules will be decided.

Joining in that discussion will be many of the CEOs of companies that will make the new world possible: Rob Hall, Adrian Kinderis, Alexa Raad, Scott Seitz, Antony van Couvering, Jean-Christophe Vignes and many, many more.

We also have many of those that helped create the new rules: Chris Disspain, Avri Doria, Peter Dengate Thrush, Roland LaPlante, Bart Lieben, Jeff Neuman, Mike Rodenbaugh…

And we have one of the most forthright defenders and believers in the Internet’s openness—John Perry Barlow—keynoting. The conference will take place 24-26 August and you are all cordially invited.

For more information, come to http://dot-nxt.com.

Kieren McCarthy
CEO, .Nxt, Inc.

By Kieren McCarthy, Freelance journalist; Executive Director at IFFOR

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