Multilinguism / Industry Updates

Public Interest Registry Announces Sunrise Period for New Internationalized Domain Names

Qualified domain trademark holders can now submit applications for each of these three new domains which translate to "organisation" or "institution" in non-Latin-based scripts -- one in Devanagari (.?????), one in Cyrillic (.???), and one in simplified Chinese (.??). Registration will open to all interested parties beginning May 27. more

New Chinese “Mobile” Top-Level Domain Now Available

Global registry services provider and dotMobi registry operator Afilias today announced the general availability of its first Internationalized Domain Name (IDN) at the top level: .?? (.MOBILE in Chinese). more

Afilias Welcomes “Dot Chinese Online” and “Dot Chinese Website” Top-Level Domains to the Internet

Global registry services provider Afilias today announced the completion of technical preparations for the Landrush launch of the new Dot Chinese Online (.??) and Dot Chinese Website (.???) top-level domains (TLD). more

Afilias Announces Its First Internationalized TLD With the Launch of .MOBILE in Chinese

Global registry services provider Afilias today announced that March 14, 2014, is the sunrise launch date for its first Internationalized Domain Name (IDN) at the top level: .?? (.MOBILE in Chinese). more

ARI Registry Services Adds World’s First .Brand to the Internet

Monash University has trumped the likes of Google, Amazon, Apple and over 600 other major brands around the world to become the first ever globally recognised organisation to have its own Top-Level Domain added to the Internet. more

ARI Registry Services Drives New TLD Applicants to Activate Launch Strategy

The new Top-Level Domain (TLD) program entered the critical delegation phase today as the first batch of what will eventually be around 1400 strings were added to the root servers of the Internet and applicants began executing their launch strategies. more

ARI Registry Services Supports One of the First New TLDs to Pass Pre-Delegation Testing

ARI Registry Services has become one of the first back-end registry services providers to pass the rigorous pre-delegation testing regime for new Top-Level Domain applicants following official notification from ICANN today that ????. has passed. more

ARI Registry Services Powers First New Top-Level Domain

Melbourne-based technology company ARI Registry Services is set to power the world's first new Top-Level Domain after its client, dotShabaka Registry, today signed a Registry Agreement with the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) for the ????. Top-Level Domain. more

Update on Verisign’s IDN Implementation Plans

In 1996, the majority of end users were based in the U.S.; according to a 2012 Comscore report, the non-English speaking Internet population has grown to 87 percent, with more than 40 percent based in the Asia-Pacific region. more

CentralNic Powers First New Top-Level Domains Announced by ICANN

Two Arabic-language Top-Level Domains ("TLDs") applied for by The Ooredoo Group have been approved today by domain name regulator ICANN. more