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ARI Registry Services Expands Middle East & Africa Operations

Following strong growth in Middle East and African markets, ARI Registry Services is pleased to announce the opening of a new office in Dubai to reaffirm the company’s position as the region’s premier provider of Internet infrastructure and consulting services.

As part of ARI Registry Services’ expansion, the company has appointed Mohammad Zeidan as General Manager of MENA operations, to lead efforts to pursue new business and manage existing projects in the Middle East.

One of Mr Zeidan’s first public engagements will be to present an exclusive overview of the insights learned during the first year of launch for ????. at next week’s Middle East DNS Forum in Amman, Jordan. Mr Zeidan’s presentation will offer important lessons for other operators in the region.

A strategic objective of the Dubai office is to enhance relationships with country code and generic Top-Level Domain operators and to extend the reach of the company’s consulting, domain name Registry and DNS services.

Adrian Kinderis, Chief Executive at ARI Registry Services, said today’s announcements reaffirmed the company’s commitment to the region.

“ARI Registry Services has been at the forefront of Middle East Registry and DNS operations for several years. Our influential contribution to the development of policies and the direction of the industry has helped achieve ground-breaking outcomes,” Mr Kinderis said.

“In 2008, we contributed to the creation of the technical protocols that enabled non-Latin scripts like ??????. (dot Emarat) to work on the Internet. Through this work, we were part of the very first non-Latin country domain name suffix to be added to the Internet for the United Arab Emirates.”

“It’s now more than seven years later and again we’re trailblazing the path forward in the region with the launch the world’s first new Top-Level Domain in ????., and providing strategic advice to our other regional clients, which will enable the launch of their new digital assets.”

Mr Kinderis said ARI Registry Services currently works with dozens of clients in the Middle East, including the Government of Qatar, Oman, the federal Government of the United Arab Emirates, the local Governments of Dubai and Abu Dhabi, the League of Arab States and many other brands and entrepreneurs in the region.

In establishing the new office, Mr Kinderis said he sees enormous potential for growth and is confident this will lead to an increase in Top-Level Domain and enterprise DNS sales as Internet penetration increases.

By ARI Registry Services, The TLD Specialists

ARI Registry Services is driving innovation and the expansion of the Internet through the delivery of world-class domain name registry services. With over 10 years of experience, ARI Registry Services is a leading provider of Domain Name Registry Infrastructure Services and DNS Services for generic Top-Level Domain applicants and country code Registry Operators. We help governments, major brands and entrepreneurs across the globe realise the full potential of the Internet by providing expertise, security and reliability in operating a core piece of Internet infrastructure.

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