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Neustar Releases UltraDNS Report Center

Neustar, Inc. today announced the debut of its UltraDNS Report Center, a flexible report tool that represents a significant step forward for DNS management. UltraDNS Report Center identifies configuration issues, assesses the impact of changes, monitors resolution performance and isolates traffic problems across an entire DNS infrastructure. It provides the operational visibility required to effectively manage DNS services, and does so via cloud computing.

The UltraDNS Report Center injects intelligence into the DNS infrastructure. It gives Neustar customers on-demand reporting that examines DNS traffic based on query type, zone, query (qname), and country of origin. Traffic management configurations can be optimized via resolution, traffic and country of origin data, and users can pinpoint outstanding DNS issues and trends by isolating the data down to specific one-hour increments.

“We consider our UltraDNS Report Center a true breakthrough in DNS configuration and optimization,” said Alex Berry, senior vice president at Neustar. “The expression ‘time is money’ applies to the Internet more than any other environment. By helping our customers instantly evaluate resolution by zone, query and country, they can deliver the ideal online experience with carrier-class reliability to their customers. We also expect that the traffic and trending information Neustar’s Report Center provides will prove invaluable when our customers look to expand and optimize their online properties.”

Neustar’s UltraDNS Report Center also offers an “Advanced Reporting” feature, which includes full Report Center capabilities and provides an additional level of DNS data visibility and network intelligence for leading Internet brands that are especially concerned with the online visitor experience. Advanced Reporting has a simple, easy-to-use report that decodes the most common DNS errors. These errors may be found in the DNS log, but they are difficult to find and understand. As such, most organizations often cannot troubleshoot them - but because they result in visitors receiving a “site failed” or “site does not exist” DNS error, they are important nonetheless. Tracking down the referring queries help organizations clean up their outdated links and ensure that visitors arrive quickly and accurately.

“Reporting is consistently listed as a top requirement by IT executives when selecting cloud-based managed services, yet many service providers come up short,” said Daniel Golding, vice president and research director at Tier1 Research. “This requirement is particularly relevant in the DNS space. If your managed DNS service doesn’t provide the rich management and reporting capabilities that enterprises demand, it’s a non-starter.”

By GoDaddy Registry, World-Leading Provider of Domain Name Registry Services

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