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Google as DNS, Wikileaks as PoC

Wikileaks is still accessible—via Google. Does that change anything?

For many Internet users IP addresses as well as domain names are completely transparent. Further, Google (and other search engines) and often the first stop when these users wants to find a service, or a web site.

Thus, many of us discussed over the years the eventual viability of Google (... and other search engines) as “DNS” (note the “‘s). Now, don’t jump at my throat quite yet—DNS is here to stay and is an essential part of how the Internet (and Google) works, but these often philosophical discussions are what made me post to CircleID today.

This photo was posted on Reddit, and a friend of mine sent it to me with the subject line of “Google as DNS?” and the fact that Wikileaks is still accessible via Google, is something I thought I should just share without comment, and say…

“Discuss amongst yourselves”

By Gadi Evron, Security Strategist

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