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NTAG Chair Blog: A Better Auction Framework

New gTLD Applicants now have a more fair and reasonable ICANN auction framework. A collaborative negotiation between the New TLD Applicant Group (NTAG) Auctions Working Group and ICANN Staff resulted in changes that improve the auction rules and bidder agreement.

The indemnification and waivers in the agreement are now aligned with breaches that applicants can control. Applicants also now have an indemnification from Power Auction for third party claims related to IP infringement. Section 4.2, is worth reading in full to ensure applicants have a full understanding of the implications of participating in the ICANN auction.

Applicants can also be more confident that agreement terms will be changed only in reasonable circumstances. ICANN continues to work with the Auctions Working Group to design a process for applicants in a contention set to agree to move up or post-pone the ICANN auction date.

Steve Machin and Statton Hammock, the Auctions Working Group chairs, worked very hard to represent applicant interests on this matter. The Global Domains Division, particularly in Singapore, was responsive in working through the core issues. The NTAG will continue to follow the ICANN auctions process to ensure applicants can continue to rely on a fair and reasonable last resort contention set resolution option.

The updated documents are here: http://newgtlds.icann.org/en/applicants/auctions

Also this month the NTAG has also posted a nine point comment on the name collision issue. Reducing un-necessary friction in new gTLD launches is a top priority for applicants as they make plans to become registries. NTAG will shortly follow-up this comment with a reply outlining more specific information in support of the nine points.

In addition, the NTAG has responded to the At Large Advisory Committee Public Advisory Board proposal with a comment underlining the extent to which New gTLD safeguards have already been addressed via the multi-stakeholder process.

Lastly, in Singapore, the Global Domains Division asked applicants to come forward for suggestions for improving customer service over the next few months. The NTAG Executive Committee has been hearing for some time that customer service at ICANN can be improved, so this is a great opportunity to make a list of what would be helpful for applicants and then work with ICANN to get those improvements in place.

By Jacob Malthouse, Fmr UNEP Staffer, Ex ICANN VP, Co-founder dot-eco domain registry.

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Correction: GDD Jacob Malthouse  –  Apr 15, 2014 7:28 PM

This article incorrectly references the ICANN Generic Domains Division. The correct title is Global Domains Division.

Re: Correction: GDD Ali Farshchian  –  Apr 16, 2014 1:04 AM

The correction has been made in the article.

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