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ICANN, .nyc, and Multistakeholder Innovation (Video)

Earlier in the week ICANN President and CEO, Fadi Chehadé was in NYC and, thanks to ICANN’s Veni Markovski and Manhattan Borough President, Gale Brewer, we were able to have a brief meeting. The discussions were partly about NYC’s own new TLD and partly about general ICANN issues.

One interesting factoid emerged—in the .nyc landrush auctions, the top bidding was for ‘marijuana.nyc’ which went for circa $60k! Gale promised that we would soon see the promised public hearings on the TLD.

Later we had an opportunity to take Fadi to task on his NETMundial maneuvering not all of which, as you know, has met with unanimous approval. Ever ebullient, he insists everything is coming along just fine, but did appear to distance the NETmundial Initiative from the World Economic Forum. Fadi, having just returned from the World Internet Conference in Wuzhen, also mentioned that China had decided not to do the splinternet thing.

Following is the video recording of the event—full index is available on YouTube.

By Joly MacFie, VP (Admin) - ISOC-NY

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