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Content Policing Not Our Responsibility, Says ICANN CEO

ICANN CEO Fadi Chehade, speaking in Dublin yesterday, warned that the organization should resist attempts to be turned into a content regulator responsible for fighting piracy, counterfeiting and terrorism. “His remarks have already solicited grumbles from members of the intellectual property community, which are eager for ICANN to take a more assertive role against registries and registrars. Speaking to a packed auditorium, Chehade devoted a surprisingly large chunk of his opening address to the matter of content policing, which he said was firmly outside of ICANN’s remit.”

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be careful what you wish for? Paul Vixie  –  Oct 27, 2015 4:28 AM

<< the organization should resist attempts to be turned into a content regulator responsible for fighting piracy >


and so it always has. but that’s a straw man argument and i reject it on that basis. i don’t want ICANN to police the content of the internet. what i want i is for ICANN to work for recourse and accountability of identifier holders, such that we at the edge can do our own policing.

in the absence of this—without, in other words, the ability to prevent the allocation of unique global identifiers to criminals and abusers whose use of such identifiers will have unilateral benefit to themselves and nothing but costs to everybody else—we’re building near-end solutions like DNS RPZ, and the RBL before it.

be careful what you wish for, i guess. ICANN will have preferred, after it’s too late, to have had a seat at the table of who gets effective use of unique global identifiers, and who does not, and why, and why not.

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