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The Christmas Goat and IPv6 (Year 11)

This is the fourth year now with almost no snow during the Christmas Goat event here in Sweden, and so once again, you get a photo without any snow. Because of Covid-19 and 99.99% people working for home, I have not even seen the Goat live this year… What a crazy year it has been!

This year’s measurements started very low as usual with 25% IPv6, but it made some improvements and landed with a little increment since 2019 at a total of 45%.

According to Google, Sweden has doubled the IPv6 traffic since 2019!! :) But we didn’t double the Goat traffic… :(

Google also tells us that IPv6 is almost always over 30% worldwide now. The spikes are on weekends as it is more common now to use IPv6 at home than at the office. The Covid-19 situation also shows lower spikes resulting from more home workers since March 2019.

The ISP with the most hits from Sweden is the local ISP Gavlenet. They have more unique hits than the largest Swedish ISPs Telia, Tele2, Tre and Telenor combined. So, who is looking at the Goat if they are not coming from Sweden? This year I have used GoAccess with geo-IP to produce a more detailed statistic.

North America and Europe are dominating. In North America, it’s almost only the US, and in Europe, it’s UK, Finland and Germany generating the most visits.

Why is Sweden so bad when it comes to IPv6 while we often praise our fiber and Internet access to be the best? The first thing we can blame is our largest ISP Telia, which has not yet enabled IPv6 in their mobile network and only in some small parts of their fiber networks. The second thing we can blame is that it is “politically correct” to build networks with a “communication operator” (CO). The CO manages the active equipment from the subscriber port to one or many L3 devices, and then many ISP can connect there. If an ISP wants to activate IPv6, the CO first must enable IPv6 in their network, and if an ISP is connected to, say 50, open networks, it is not done in a week…

I am writing this on the 30th of December, 2020, and the Goat has not been burned down. It’s a world record for the Goat as it has never survived this far four years in a row earlier!

By Torbjörn Eklöv, Senior Network Architect, DNSSEC/IPv6

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