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Radix’s .Tech Domains Partners with Code.org to Bridge Widening Gender, Race Gap in Computer Science

100% of .Tech Domain Sales Made Through GoDaddy, Domain.com & Namecheap to Go Towards Enhancing K-12 CS Curriculum

.Tech Domains, the leading new domain extension for the tech ecosystem, recently announced that it is collaborating with Code.org, a nonprofit dedicated to expanding access to computer science in schools. The campaign, which is called #MyStartInTech, will address the widening gaps that exist when it comes to young women and students from marginalised communities participating in computer science.

The collaboration, which includes domain registrars Domain.com, GoDaddy Pro and Namecheap, will facilitate a campaign through which .Tech Domains donates all sales proceeds for every standard one-year .Tech domain registered through any of the participating partners during the program period to Code.org.

The campaign comes as the rapid acceleration of digitization compels all industries to embrace innovation, increasing the importance of coding skills and overall investment in STEM. However, Code.org data shows that as of 2020, less than half of high schools in the United States teach foundational computer science, despite the fact that the number of job openings in the space have been multiplying year over year.

“We are proud to join forces with Code.org to support its mission of ensuring that everyone has access to the type of education and skill sets that will set them up for future success,” said Suman Das, Sr. Director of Brand Operations, .Tech Domains. “This is something that closely aligns with our own vision at .Tech Domains, as we continue to strive to build a more sustainable and inclusive tech ecosystem of the future.”

“The fields of software, computing, and computer science are historically plagued by stark underrepresentation by gender, race, ethnicity, geography, and family income,” said Hadi Partovi, Code.org CEO and co-founder. “We are grateful and excited to collaborate with .Tech Domains on this campaign to engage a top level domain used by startups and developers to help bridge this gap and drive our mission to increase diversity and equity in K-12 computer science.”

Built around the theme of #MyStartinTech, the campaign is designed such that people can not only contribute to the cause by buying a .Tech Domain, but also by helping increase awareness about the lack of access to computer science education. Individuals from the tech industry can participate by visiting www.startin.tech and sharing how they got their start in tech and the role computer science played in their journey.

For more information on the partnership, how to donate to Code.org or participate in other ways, visit www.startin.tech.

By Radix, Domain Names for the New Internet

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