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The Playbook on Igniting Your Online Business

An Entrepreneurs on Fire Podcast with Seth Godin and Sandeep Ramchandani!

We wanted it. We badly wanted it. And now we finally have it!

We were already fans of John Lee Dumas’s Entrepreneurs on Fire podcast, but the excitement for this particular episode was immense.

Aptly titled “Ignite Your Online Business,” the episode hosted marketing maverick Seth Godin and a global thought leader in web services, Sandeep Ramchandani.

Addressing the “great resignation” we’ve seen in the last year, with more and more people deciding to start their own online businesses versus the traditional 9 to 5, Seth said, “We’re all suffering from trauma. We’ve had our lives turned upside down. Even those of us who have been lucky have seen people we care about [have] their lives disrupted. And in the face of that, it’s really easy to take a deep breath and say, do I want on my tombstone it to say he should have gone to the office more? I don’t think so.”

He continued, “I think that what people are realizing is that the purpose of work is to have life, not the other way around. And the purpose of capitalism is to create culture, not the other way around. And what we get to do if we choose, is to build something that we’re proud of.”

Adding his thoughts to the same question, Sandeep said, “Historically, humans have always been predisposed to seek autonomy. In fact, I read somewhere that one of the greatest determinants of human happiness - more than success [and] access to community or family - is that ability to be autonomous, to do what we want, when we want, with whom we want.”

“I think what COVID did was, with the US sitting at about 15% unemployment rate, it pushed a lot of people to [find] their new side gig. We had a large number of people going online to try and create a new business. And what that did was it spurred on a significant number of people to actually figure out ways to make a living online, to start the store, to reach new customers and audiences.”

He reinforced, “Once you’ve done that and you’ve tasted some success, and you live that life in the autonomous way, it’s really hard to go back to doing a 9 to 5.”

Listen to the full 20 minute episode now.

Tell us your thoughts on the episode. What golden nugget stuck resonates the most with you?

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