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GoDaddy Registry Podcast Ep.7 – The Importance of a Brand to Help Build Trust With Your Audience

GoDaddy Registry Podcast, Ep.7 – The Importance of a Brand to Help Build Trust With Your Audience (Listen now on Apple, Spotify, or Google Podcast)

The GoDaddy Registry Podcast offers regular insights into a variety of topics important to brands and organizations involved in the domain name industry. Episode 7 is now available and continues our deep dive conversations with industry experts from around the world.

In this episode of the GoDaddy Registry Podcast, Tony Kirsch, Head of Professional Services at GoDaddy Registry, speaks with Glenn Ruscoe, MD of Phys Biz Pty Ltd., the Registry Operator of the .physio TLD, on a range of industry topics, including the importance of developing a brand for your TLD to build trust with your audience.

Glenn also discusses the following:

  • Taking a long-term approach in developing the TLD brand
  • Working with the relevant professional associations around the world
  • Looking beyond domains under management as the success of a TLD
  • Advice for future applicants in the next round of gTLDs.

Glenn Ruscoe has been a professional physiotherapist for many years and is incredibly passionate about the profession. Physiotherapy, also known as physical therapy, is a health profession with a global imprint.

Prior to even applying for the .physio TLD, Glenn recognized the need to communicate closely with the different industry bodies, such as the World Confederation of Physical Therapy, and the Australian Physiotherapy Association, in order to sell the concept to them and gain their support. Raising awareness through these official organizations has encouraged engagement with the TLD and has been paramount in getting professional acceptance of the .physio TLD.

Previous episodes of the podcast cover topics such as: Clarivate/MarkMonitor’s Head of Government and Industry Affairs talking about the importance of the next round of TLD applications for brand owners; JP Morgan’s approach to managing IP and brand protection challenges with your TLD portfolio; and how to increase the revenue from your TLD with the right premium name strategy.

The GoDaddy Registry Podcast is available from all the usual podcast providers, including:

By GoDaddy Registry, World-Leading Provider of Domain Name Registry Services

GoDaddy Registry (formerly Neustar Registry) is one of the world’s largest and leading domain name registry providers. We operate top-level domains (TLDs) on behalf of sovereign nations, city governments, global brands and domain registries so that people worldwide can bring their ideas to life online.

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