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GoDaddy Reveals Its Network Suffered a Multi-Year Security Compromise

On Friday, GoDaddy revealed that it had suffered a multi-year security compromise that allowed unknown attackers to steal company source code, customer and employee login credentials, and install malware that redirected customer websites to malicious sites. The breach had been ongoing since 2020, with the intruder achieving varying levels of access to the company’s systems and data. GoDaddy has since taken steps to protect customer data and ensure that the company’s systems remain secure.

GoDaddy has been working with law enforcement agencies and forensics experts to further investigate the incident. Evidence suggests that the attack was likely carried out by a sophisticated and organized group targeting hosting services like GoDaddy. According to information received, the apparent goal of the attack was to infect websites and servers with malware for phishing campaigns, malware distribution and other malicious activities.

GoDaddy has shared information regarding the tactics and techniques used in the attack in its 10-K filing earlier today. The company is using the lessons from this incident to enhance the security of its systems and further protect its customers and their data.

GoDaddy says it is actively monitoring the behavior of the criminal organization and blocking attempts to access its systems.

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