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CSC Launches Groundbreaking Domaincasting Digital Blocking Network

Innovative new domain security technology delivers visibility for companies looking to mitigate phishing, brand abuse, and online fraud.

CSC, an enterprise-class domain registrar and world leader in mitigating domain and domain name system (DNS) threats, has launched its new DomaincastingSM digital blocking network—a complement to its current Enforcement services. Using global intelligence from our network of partners, CSC helps organizations block and take down domains that are taking advantage of their trusted brands to commit fraud.

Powered by CSC’s proprietary DomainSecSM platform, Domaincasting is the largest global blocking network that includes domain-related malicious data and can be used while enforcing against bad actors with takedowns. It can share malicious data and threats with partners in near real-time. The blocking network shares data with partners such as global internet service providers (ISPs), security providers, browser carriers like Google, security information event management (SIEM) systems, telecom providers, registrars, web hosting providers, and law enforcement agencies.

“CSC’s Domaincasting blocking network is an integral part of an organization’s domain security posture and zero trust model. This cutting-edge technology will assist CISOs and security professionals in blocking and remediating threat vectors targeting the external attack surface, such as phishing, malware, DNS, and brand-targeted attacks,” says Ihab Shraim, chief technology officer of CSC’s Digital Brand Services division. “CISOs can integrate the Domaincasting threat vector data into their security operations center, and merge it with their own internal threat data, providing a comprehensive look at the threat landscape.”

“As part of our DomainSec platform, Domaincasting offers our clients access to an innovative blocking network to continuously monitor active and dormant suspicious domain names and their corresponding DNS records,” said Mark Calandra, president of CSC’s Digital Brand Services division. “As an enterprise-class domain registrar with the largest global footprint online, CSC can detect and mitigate fraud and brand abuse faster, creating an essential allow list to protect companies, their employees, and customers from fraudulent domains.”

Domaincasting – CSC launches the largest digital blocking network.

Learn more about CSC’s Domaincasting digital blocking network here →

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