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Activist Hackers Target Government Websites Amid Escalating Israel-Hamas War

Hackers have intensified attacks on government websites and media outlets, both on the Israeli and Palestinian sides.

AnonGhost, a group seemingly aligned with pro-Palestinian campaigns, recently claimed responsibility for an attack on the Israeli Red Alert missile warning platform. Threat intelligence firm Group-IB suggests the group intercepted data and possibly sent false missile warnings. This isn’t the first time the Red Alert app has faced such threats; Hamas has been previously accused of circulating malicious imposter versions of the app.

Other reported events:

ThreatSec Targets Alfanet: ThreatSec, another hacktivist group, announced its targeting of Alfanet, a Gaza Strip-based ISP. They allege control over the company’s servers and interruption of its TV station systems. Doug Madory from monitoring firm Kentik confirmed Alfanet’s inaccessibility before ThreatSec’s claim, though some services remained offline later. Alfanet attributed outages to physical damages from bombings.

Gaza’s Connectivity: Beyond these direct attacks, Gaza’s internet connectivity faces challenges from electricity outages as Israel enforces a “complete siege,” affecting essential supplies.

Misinformation Challenge: Hacktivism is also adding layers of misinformation to the conflict. While some groups claim attacks, others, like the Cyber Avengers, are known for spreading unverified information. Despite the online chaos, Victoria Kivilevich from Israeli cybersecurity firm Kela believes hacktivism won’t majorly affect ground warfare.

ICRC Guidelines: The International Committee of the Red Cross recently issued engagement rules for civilian hackers, highlighting civilian safety and prohibiting attacks on healthcare facilities. The role of hacktivism in conflicts has become a significant element, with motivations often rooted in seeking attention rather than true geopolitical reasons.

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