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eCommerce Business on .Store Sees More Traffic and Visibility; 12-Month Study Indicates

The results highlight the business benefits of choosing .Store domains for eCommerce businesses.

Earlier this month, an independent 12-month SEO study conducted by an eCommerce marketing agency revealed that the eCommerce businesses using .Store domains got 87% more traffic and a 12% lower cost per conversion. Additionally, the eCommerce business on .Store achieved 2X visibility by ranking faster and higher on search engines.

The study was conducted by Contrast Digital, an eCommerce digital marketing agency. To ensure the data was collected objectively, the agency maintained that the key difference between the two eCommerce businesses was only the domain extension. All other elements, including the second-level domain, number of pages, page layouts, product descriptions, blog content, and paid search campaigns were kept as similar as possible.

Suman Das, VP of Brand Operations at Radix, said, “A .Store domain inherently communicates a clear, retail-focused identity, helping businesses to stand out in the crowded online marketplace. By slashing customer acquisition costs and boosting store visibility, .Store can provide a marketing advantage to eCommerce business owners. These advantages are vital for businesses looking to establish a strong online presence, drive more traffic, and, ultimately, increase sales. The results of this study not only highlight the effectiveness of .Store, but also reinforce our commitment to providing solutions that address the real needs of the eCommerce seller community.”

For eCommerce business owners, customer acquisition and website traffic are some of the key challenges today. In fact, in a recent survey conducted by GoDaddy Venture Forward, 42% of small business owners listed online marketing through ads, promotions, and social media as one of the top three challenges when starting their business.

Reflecting on the nature of this research, Elliott Davidson, Founder and Director at Contrast Digital, said, “As an entrepreneur and an eCommerce consultant, I recognize the challenges involved in driving traffic and enhancing online visibility. The outcomes of this study are particularly exciting as they represent a real solution to many of these challenges. For eCommerce businesses vying for attention in an increasingly competitive market, the advantages of .Store domains revealed in this study provide a competitive edge.” The study, which was conducted by Contrast Digital, was commissioned by Radix.

This study arrives at a pivotal moment for eCommerce entrepreneurs, particularly as the market witnesses a remarkable surge in the number of online stores. In an environment where competition intensifies daily, the challenge for businesses to differentiate themselves and capture customer attention has never been greater.

The findings of this study highlight the significance of .Store domains not just as a digital address but as a strategic tool for eCommerce businesses striving to navigate and succeed in the ever-evolving and crowded landscape of online retail. For more details and to access the full report, click here.

About .Store Domains

Launched in 2016, .Store Domains is a leading domain extension for the retail and eCommerce industry. With over 1 million domains registered, .Store Domains has been the choice of some of the world’s most notable brands, including Emirates (www.emirates.store), Cristiano Ronaldo (www.cr7fragrances.store), MrBeast (www.mrbeast.store), Rihanna (www.rihanna.store), amongst others. .Store Domains is owned and operated by Radix, one of the world’s largest registries for new domain extensions.

By Radix, Domain Names for the New Internet

Radix is one of the world’s leading new domain registries with 10 new extensions that include .ONLINE, .STORE, .TECH, .WEBSITE, .SPACE, .PRESS, .SITE, .HOST, .FUN and .UNO. Through these extensions, Radix is empowering business owners to get short, memorable and descriptive domain names that can be used for a website, email address, or a variety of other internet addressing purposes. For more details, visit http://www.radix.website.

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