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EURid Releases 74,000 Disputed Names

EURid has unfrozen 74,000 domains that were part of a dispute against domain warehousers.

In July, EURid relented to outside pressure as it suspended the registration of 74,000 domains. They claimed these domains were registered directly by three registrars, not on behalf of clients, which violated EURid’s terms.

But the registrars have won this round. According to an article in International Herald Tribune, A Beglian court last week ruled that EURid must pay a fine of €25,000 per hour for each domain if it prevented the registrars from transfering ownership of the domains. That’s €1.85B per hour. EURid had no choice but to release the domains back to the registrars.

I have a feeling this won’t be the last we hear about this case…

By Andrew Allemann, Domain Name Blogger

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