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NutriSystem Selects UltraDNS Managed DNS Service for Critical Infrastructure

UltraDNS today announced that NutriSystem, Inc., a leading provider of weight management programs, has selected its Managed DNS Service to enhance the experience of its online customers accessing its comprehensive diet and exercise products and services. By leveraging the UltraDNS Directory Services Platform, NutriSystem realizes superior manageability of its online presence and can easily accommodate the seasonal traffic surges associated with the weight loss industry, ensuring its customers get assistance when and where they need it.

NutriSystem has provided weight management counseling for more than 30 years, and its Internet-based products and counseling services give customers convenient access to the latest weight control and health information. The company has built in-depth web content that offers customized, private weight management counseling and meals for both men and women, including diabetic and vegetarian programs to help people maintain a healthy lifestyle.

“We have revolutionized the weight loss industry by replacing the traditional meetings and visits to brick and mortar centers with unrivaled service and counseling with a dedicated web site and an online support team. NutriSystem counselors are ready to answer any food or diet questions, as well as offer advice and encouragement to help customers achieve their weight loss goals,” said George Jankovic, president of NutriSystem Inc. “The UltraDNS Managed DNS Service provides the reliability and performance critical to our network infrastructure, so we can keep our 24/7 commitment to support each individual through personalized online information.”

By implementing the Managed DNS Service, NutriSystem’s online presence is supported by UltraDNS’ global Directory Services Platform, with network nodes spanning four continents, capable of handling and efficiently routing enormous traffic levels. The platform currently supports approximately 20% of global Internet traffic, responding to over two billion DNS queries per day.

“UltraDNS solutions provide the superior network manageability and performance that enable our customers to leverage their on-line presence to support an increasing amount of their business, and we are excited to play a critical part in NutriSystem’s expansion,” said Ben Petro, president and CEO, UltraDNS. “The UltraDNS Directory Services Platform allows NutriSystem to cost-effectively scale its infrastructure and provides the network control and management it requires to drive fundamental change in the weight loss industry.”

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