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CircleID’s Top Ten Posts of 2011

Listed below are the top ten most popular news, blogs, and industry updates featured on CircleID in 2011 based on the overall readership of the posts for the year. Congratulations to all the participants whose posts reached top readership and best wishes to the entire community for 2012. Happy New Year!

Top 10 Featured Blogs in 2011:

  1. A Fairness ‘Scorecard’ for Trademark Protection Under the New gTLDs By Konstantinos Komaitis, Feb 23, 2011 (33,350 views)
  2. IP Addressing in the New Age of Scarcity By Peter Thimmesch, May 27, 2011 (21,563 views)
  3. Smartphones: Too Smart for Mobile Operators? By Henry Lancaster, Aug 03, 2011 (21,144 views)
  4. On Mandated Content Blocking in the Domain Name System By Paul Vixie, Mar 18, 2011 (16,315 views)
  5. Court Approves Nortel’s Sale of IPv4 Addresses to Microsoft By Benson Schliesser, Apr 27, 2011 (13,173 views)
  6. The Design of the Domain Name System, Part VIII - Names Outside the DNS By John Levine, Sep 17, 2011 (12,399 views)
  7. Top Public DNS Resolvers Compared By Michael Meisel, Apr 07, 2011 (12,217 views)
  8. Why the Lawsuit Against .XXX Maybe the Best Sales Tool Ever For New gTLD Applicants By Michael Berkens, Nov 17, 2011 (9,466 views)
  9. Independence and Security Online Have Not Yet Been Won By Mike Dailey Jul 03, 2011 (9,373 views)
  10. Comcast’s Impressive System for Notifying Infected Users By J.D. Falk, Mar 01, 2011 (9,216 views)

Top 10 News in 2011:

  1. ICANN Approves .XXX Mar 18, 2011 (20,936 views)
  2. Experts Urge Congress to Reject DNS Filtering from PROTECT IP Act, Serious Technical Concerns Raised May 26, 2011 (12,284 views)
  3. Microsoft Offers $7.5 Million to Buy 666,624 IPv4 Addresses Mar 25, 2011 (9,600 views)
  4. Egyptian Government Shuts Down Most Internet and Cell Services Jan 28, 2011 (3,988 views)
  5. US Government Domain Seizure Results in Unintended Shutdown of Thousands of Websites Feb 16, 2011 (3,962 views)
  6. J.D. Falk: 1974 - 2011 Nov 17, 2011 (3,918 views)
  7. Cybercriminals Shifting Focus From Windows PCs to Other Systems and Mobile Jan 20, 2011 (3,823 views)
  8. Researchers Report New Method for Detecting Domain-Fluxing Mar 28, 2011 (3,633 views)
  9. Microsoft, Federal Agencies Take Down Rustock Botnet Mar 18, 2011 (3,607 views)

Top 10 Industry News in 2011 (sponsored posts):

  1. Google Says “Think Mobile” ...and then goMobi By dotMobi, Feb 15, 2011 (6,120 views)
  2. The Botnet-Counterfeit Drugs Connection By MarkMonitor, Apr 01, 2011 (4,928 views)
  3. New gTLD Timeline Announced and .XXX Approved By MarkMonitor (4,253 views)
  4. Second Half 2010 “Dashboard” Domain Name Report - Released By PIR, Feb 14, 2011 (3,666 views)
  5. MarkMonitor Report: How Scammers Generate Significant Traffic Promoting Suspected Counterfeit Goods By MarkMonitor, Feb 01, 2011 (3,536 views)
  6. AusRegistry Int. and Crowell & Moring Join Forces to Support New Top-Level Domain Applicants By ARI Registry Services, Mar 14, 2011 (3,507 views)
  7. Celebrity Marketing Guru Jeffrey Hayzlett to Promote New TLDs for AusRegistry International By ARI Registry Services, Jun 17, 2011 (3,472 views)
  8. Minds + Machines’ Parent Company, TLDH, Appoints Peter Dengate Thrush as Executive Chairman By Minds + Machines, Jul 17, 2011 (3,457 views)
  9. DNSSEC is Just the Beginning By .CO Internet, Mar 02, 2011 (3,421 views)
  10. Landrush for New Domain Extension - .GR.COM By CentralNic, Jan 11, 2011 (3,421 views)

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