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Canadian International Pharmacy Association Calls for Ban of Online Sale of Opioids

The wide availability of dangerous and addictive drugs is ravaging society. Such devastation is bringing ever-increasing attention from legislators, regulators and from families who have lost loved ones. The Canadian International Pharmacy Association (CIPA) believes that the online marketing and sales of such products should be banned immediately. We call on governments, technology platforms, and the ICANN community to act quickly and bring an end to opioid sales online.

CIPA members have been selling medications through our websites for two decades with a 100% perfect safety record. We believe we serve a critical need in helping consumers who otherwise cannot access or afford daily prescription medications for chronic conditions, but we are adamantly against the online sale of fentanyl and other opioids.

Online sales of prescription medications—in a well-controlled manner with safety and privacy protocols and procedures—can be safe and effective. We sell pharmaceuticals and maintenance medications to individual patients only upon receipt of a valid doctor’s prescription. All medications are legally manufactured, approved by government health regulators in their respective countries. CIPA members dispense from their licensed pharmacies in Canada and have relationships with regulated international pharmacies and inspected fulfillment centers that directly deliver medications to patients.

We help individual patients who can’t afford, access, or trust the medications where they live. Patient privacy and confidentiality of personal records and contact information are always protected. In all instances, patients can request consultation with a licensed pharmacist through our members.

With patient safety as our guiding principle for 20 years, we prohibit the sale of highly addictive medications that are subject to common abuse if not properly prescribed and monitored by a physician.  CIPA members do not sell any controlled substances, narcotics or products containing pseudoephedrine.

What we have done continually is rail against deceitful online criminals that prey on the unsuspecting public with lies, unfounded promises, and deception. We report rogue pharmacies to the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre, a collaboration of the Ontario Provincial Police and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police that monitors and investigates fraudulent activity. We educate the broader internet community on what to look for when searching for a safe online pharmacy. And we remain steadfast in our mission to help millions of people in need of affordable medicines.  We are a recognized, trusted resource of safe online pharmacies.

We remain ardent proponents of online access to medicines, and we believe safety comes first, so medications like opioids and fentanyl should not be accessible on the internet. Through removing availability, proactive steps can be taken to help break the cycle of deadly addiction and unnecessary destruction of lives. We cannot wait any longer—It’s time to bring online opioid sales to an end.

By Tim Smith, General Manager

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