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Your Business In Europe: Understanding GDPR & Privacy Shield

Cross-border data flows is one of the most important issues to our members in today’s global economy. The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) dealing with how global businesses handle any collected data from individuals in Europe will become effective in May of 2018. It is imperative that U.S. businesses with international and European clients understand how the GDPR may affect their businesses and begin to implement strategies to ensure compliance with the regulation.

Helping members understand new regulations is a core part of the i2Coalition mission. As such, the i2Coalition will be organizing a members-only call with leading U.S. and European regulators charged with implementing the GDPR to discuss compliance. Additionally, there will be a discussion on Privacy Shield, the agreement between the US and EU for the handling of transatlantic exchanges of personal data.

Alban Schmutz, Chairman of CISPE and VP of OVH will be speaking with a focus on the GDPR and its Code of Conduct for infrastructure providers.

The call will take place November 14th, at 10 AM EST (UTC -4). Additional information available here.

By i2Coalition, Internet Infrastructure Coalition

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