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NSA Admits Purchasing Americans’ Internet Browsing Data Without Warrants

Flag of the us national security agency country symbol illustration (NSA). Image: Adobe Stock / Ontronix

The U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) has confirmed acquiring Americans’ internet browsing information without warrants through commercial brokers, according to a letter from NSA Director Paul Nakasone to Senator Ron Wyden.

According the a report by Reuters, Wyden expressed concern over the unauthorized use of personal data, emphasizing the potential exposure of sensitive information, such as individuals seeking help from hotlines for suicide prevention or survivors of abuse.

The NSA defended its actions, stating the data acquired holds significant value for national security and cybersecurity missions. The agency assured that steps are taken to minimize the collection of U.S. person information, including the application of technical filters.

Wyden had previously delayed the appointment of NSA Director Timothy Haugh until satisfactory responses were provided.

Wyden urges compliance with federal standards: Senator Wyden, a privacy advocate, criticized the NSA’s actions as a violation of U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) standards. He called for a thorough inventory of personal data collected by the NSA, urging the agency to purge any information that does not comply with FTC standards.

The controversy comes in the wake of an FTC order prohibiting a data broker from selling sensitive location data.

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