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NeuStar Goes to Bat for Louisville Slugger Online

NeuStar, Inc., a leading provider of essential communications services to the global communications and Internet industry, announced today that Hillerich and Bradsby, maker of the famous Louisville Slugger™ baseball bat, has selected its Ultra Services Managed DNS service to protect their e-commerce business and allow for the efficient management of their network. With no investment in additional hardware or software, Hillerich and Bradsby is now able to support the web presence of this historic sporting brand with the most advanced DNS infrastructure available.

“From the beginning of our search for a better DNS solution, the responsiveness of NeuStar to our needs really made our decision a simple one,” said Marty Archer, president of Louisville Slugger. “Late last year we lost sales to online downtime, and we don’t want that happening again. With NeuStar’s Ultra Services DNS, we get the best protection, support, and performance available today as we expand our operations online—you could say it’s a brand new season.”

Hillerich and Bradsby celebrated its 120th year anniversary in 2004, and the company has produced baseball bats since the late 1800’s. In 1905, the Louisville Slugger became the first known retail product to be marketed by a professional athlete’s endorsement when a version autographed by Honus Wagner was introduced. Today, like so many other enterprises, the company is looking to the Internet to enhance its sales and marketing efforts.

NeuStar recently announced the deployment of DNS Shield™, a revolutionary extension of the Ultra Services DNS infrastructure. By deploying NeuStar’s authoritative DNS servers within the heart of the network of participating ISP partners, such as AOL and EarthLink, the DNS Shield creates a hardened, secure, and robust Internet infrastructure, providing one of the most advanced protection services available against Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) and pharming attacks.

“We are excited to have a brand with the tradition and history of the Louisville Slugger leveraging the advanced capabilities of NeuStar’s Ultra Services to secure their sites from network threats and scalability issues,” said Ben Petro, NeuStar Senior Vice President of Ultra Services. “Increasingly, the world’s strongest brands and online businesses are realizing the critical importance that DNS plays in protecting online revenue streams and rely on NeuStar to deliver comprehensive managed solutions.

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