Cyberattack / Industry Updates

Phishing Group Found Abusing .top Domains

Threat researcher Dancho Danchev recently discovered a phishing operation that seemed to be abusing .top domains for which he collated 89 email addresses that served as indicators of compromise (IoCs).  more

Fishing for QR Code Phishing Traces in the DNS

Threat actors have been seen yet again abusing a technology meant to make things easy for all of us -- QR codes -- in one of the most commonly utilized cybercriminal activities - phishing. The rise in QR code phishing isn't surprising given that according to several studies, as much as 86% of the entire global population use their mobile phones for all kinds of transactions, including financial ones. more

Catching Messenger Phishing Footprints Using a DNS Net

A phishing campaign is currently targeting Facebook business accounts with password-stealing malware. The attackers have been using a massive network of fake and compromised Facebook accounts to send out millions of Messenger phishing messages. more

Rhysida, Not Novel but Still Dangerous: DNS Revelations

Rhysida, a new ransomware currently plaguing users may not be novel, but it's proving to be just as effective. Fortra published an in-depth analysis of the malware currently holding the data of healthcare organizations primarily based in the U.S. hostage. more

Probing the DNS for Signs of XLoader Abuse

XLoader has been plaguing macOS users since it was first discovered in 2021. Back then, though, it only posed a threat to those who opted to install Java on their systems. more

DNS Abuse and Redirection: Enough for a New JS Malware to Hide Behind?

DNS abuse combined with redirection seems to be gaining popularity as a stealth mechanism. We've just seen Decoy Dog employ the same tactic. More recently, a still-unnamed JavaScript (JS) malware has been wreaking havoc among WordPress site owners by abusing Google Public DNS to redirect victims to tech support scam sites. more

Hot on the DNS Trail of the 16shop Phishing Kit Operators

Phishers the world over have been patronizing and utilizing the 16shop phishing kit since at least 2018. The kit's users have been known to steal data and money from the customers of some of today's biggest brands, including Amazon, American Express, and PayPal. more

Searching for Smishing Triad DNS Traces

Given the ubiquity of mobile phone usage, you'd think we'd all know by now how to tell legitimate from scammy text messages. Then again, cybercriminals are always on top of their game -- learning how the latest technologies work and finding ways to abuse them. more

From URSNIF IoCs to Software Spoofing: Using DNS Intel to Connect the Dots

Financially motivated threat actors called "TA544" were first detected in 2017. TA544 is known for high-volume campaigns, sending hundreds of thousands of malicious messages daily. more

Examining WoofLocker Under the DNS Lens

WoofLocker tech support scams have been wreaking havoc since 2017 but the threat actors behind it don't seem to be done yet. In fact, the threat may have become even more resilient. more